The members of the Zen Center volunteer in a number of ways. There are regular activities and special events. Some of the regular activities include Garden Days, Soji (temple cleaning), cooking for retreats, library staffing, phone answering, running the annual garage sale and more.

Garden Days
twins and baku gardening

The twins and temple dog, Baku, help out in the garden.

Cooking for Retreats
Rusan Dale Kent cooking

Zen Priest Rusan Dale Kent prepares treats for sesshin.

Volunteer Coordinator

Contact our Membership Director if you would like to volunteer, or come to the Saturday program and speak with the President or any other Board Member.

Library Privileges

Members can check books out of the Center's extensive Buddhist library.

picture of Matthew Raymond and Judson Dunn

Librarian Matthew checks a book out to Judson.

picture of clouds


Why become a Member of Houston Zen Center?

Membership allows you to explore Zen practice at the Zen Center, to support the Zendo financially and to receive private instruction from our teachers. Membership in the Houston Zen Center is open to all.

Do you Need to Be a Member to Practice with the Houston Zen Community?

No one needs to be a Member in order to participate in Houston Zen Center activities. All are welcome to sit in meditation with our Community and to attend our programs and retreats. Membership is for those who wish to support the Center's activities, to receive private instruction from our teachers and to receive discounts on our programs and retreats.

What are the Benefits of Membership?

HZC Members are eligible to meet with Houston Zen Center teachers in a private interview called dokusan (with the Abbot) or Practice Discussion (with one of the Senior Teachers). During dokusan or Practice Discussion, Members can ask the teacher questions about their Zen practice or, if they wish, bring up issues they are facing in their lives. This is one of the foundations of Zen training and can make a significant difference in your practice. Members also receive discounts on programs and retreats.

How much does Membership cost?

Membership dues are:
Basic Membership: $50 per month
Supporting Membership: $75 per month Supporting means that if every member offered $75 per month the Center’s expenses would be covered.
Sustaining Circle Membership: $150 per month
Radiant Outreach Membership: $200 per month
Under 25 or Income–challenged Membership: $35 per month.

You may maintain your Membership for as long or short a time as you like.

What do I do if I want to become a Member?

The first step is to e–mail Membership and we will send you a brief form and answer any questions you may have. The next step is to meet with one of our teachers, either in Practice Discussion or informally, to introduce yourself and let the teacher know of your intention to become a Member. Following your conversation with a teacher, you simply e–mail the completed form back to us and make your first monthly Membership payment. When we have received your payment, you will receive an e–mail letter welcoming you to Membership in the Houston Zen Center.

Are there any further steps?

To stay up to date, Join Our Mailing List to receive official announcements about retreats, visitors and special activities. Join our Yahoo Group to participate in sangha discussions.

Automatic Payments

Many Members automate their pledge payments through their banks. Send an email to Vicki Glenn or Parmita Derden or talk with either of them at the Center to receive easy instructions on what to tell your bank to do.

Membership Donations Can be Made Here through PayPal, for your convenience.
Thank you for your membership and support of your Sangha.

Dana Paramita

Dana Paramita is the Buddhist practice of giving. The Center exists because of the generosity of our members. May we all experience the boundlessness of Giver, Receiver and Gift.